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We are located in Conway, Arkansas and serve the surrounding communities in Central Arkansas. Recently, we have expanded into the Florida panhandle. 

We’d love to connect with you for your next home or remodel.

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How do I get a quote on a custom home?

Once a lot or land is secured, house plans are drafted, and a list of finish preferences is decided, we can give you a quote on your home. We are glad to help you answer questions beforehand, but until these things are in place, a hard quote cannot be given.

How much does it cost per square foot to build?

This number constantly fluctuates based on the market, building materials, and your building choices. When quoting your home, the builder will give you the estimated cost per square foot based on the current prices; but there is not a guarantee that it will land at this cost.

What if I need help with a lot/land and floor plans?

We prefer you to have your land or lot secured beforehand. If you need assistance with drafting your home or creating a floor plan, there are a few options. Acacia Builders has a series of floor plans to choose from. We can direct you to one of our trusted partners to help draft your home or create your floor plan. 

Should I buy house plans online?

House plans online are stock plans and cost for each change made. We highly recommend working with a local architect/draftsman to create your plans to ensure local criteria and codes are met. Online plans are best utilized for inspiration.

What is included in your standard builds? What is considered an upgrade?

We build custom houses to suit your design needs. Our quote is given directly based on your specific home rather than a standard build.

Which bank should I use?

We recommend you check with a couple of local banks for their rates and new construction process.

Do you offer a builders warranty?

Yes, we offer a standard one year builder’s warranty. 

What is your builder’s fee?

The builder’s fee is the overall cost of your project plus a percentage. That percent is calculated based on the location, duration of the build, and difficulty level of the project.

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